ULV 10L Cold Fogging Disinfection Machine

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This 10L ULV Fogging Machine, originally designed to spray crops on farmland and in greenhouses, is a quick and efficient way to clean any interior. It has become increasingly important to ensure rooms are clean to a high standard, this can put a massive strain on cleaning and facilities management teams.

The ULV Fogging Machine can fill a room in a matter of minutes, leave the room for 5-10 minutes further for the fog to settle. You will then have a completely disinfected room and will be able to quickly move onto the next area.

The 10L fogger is highly recommended for business / commercial use whereas the 4.5L fogger is recommended for home use. 


  • Adjustable Nozzle - For wide, space spray and residual spray
  • Anti-corrosion pipe - to ensure chemicals used do not damage the internal pipes.
  • Shockproof - The main body is anti-cracking and will survive being dropped from low heights.
  • The design is patented to ensure there is no backflow of the solution.
  • Disinfection, sterilisation, pest control, air purification, disease prevention.
  • Suitable for hospitals, offices, care homes, schools, hotels, households, warehouses, factories, farms and any other public spaces which may require regular cleaning.

Warnings (Please read before using)

  • Never fill any ULV fogging machine with any flammable, highly corrosive or explosive liquids. Including alcohol, gasoline, benzene, concentrated disinfectant.
  • Be careful not to spray the fogger in a tightly closed room, do not remain in the room whilst spraying and inhale the gas (unless using electrolysed water). If required, leave a door or window open whilst spraying.
  • To ensure the life of the fogging machine, empty out the unused liquid after each use, then refill the tank with water and spray for a minute to clean the internal pipes and minimise any risk of corrosion.
  • It is recommended to use a diluted disinfectant or 0.2-0.4% peroxyacetic acid with the machine.
  • The valve switch must be turned off before the machine is switched off, otherwise this will cause backflow and damage the motor. Any backflow will invalidate the warranty. 

Product specifications

Type Stats
Gross weight 4kg
Spray range 8-10 meters
Atomisation volume 750 ml/min (Adjustable)
Chemical tank 10L
Micron size 5-50μm
Rated power 1400W